2018 fixtures and results

South Melbourne 3 Sunshine George Cross 0

Langwarrin 2 South Melbourne 3

Kingston City vs South Melbourne cancelled due to extreme heat

South Melbourne 1 Dandenong Thunder 0

South Melbourne 4 Myrtleford Savoy 0

South Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder, who knows if this even happened

South Melbourne 3 Port Melbourne 2

Oakleigh Cannons 2 South Melbourne 1

South Melbourne 0 Northcote City 0

Springvale White Eagles 3 South Melbourne 5

South Melbourne 1 Guangzhou R&F 4

South Melbourne 3 Guangzhou R&F 0

Round 1
Bulleen Lions 1 South Melbourne 1

Round 2
Dandenong Thunder 0 South Melbourne 9

Round 3
Oakleigh Cannons 4 South Melbourne 1

Round 4
Pascoe Vale 2 South Melbourne 2

Round 5
Saturday March 24th, 6:30PM, Northcote City vs South Melbourne, John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury

FFA Cup round 4
Friday March 30th, 5:00PM, Hume City vs South Melbourne, Broadmeadows Valley Park, Westmeadows

Round 6
Friday April 6th, 7:30PM, Melbourne Knights vs South Melbourne, Knights Stadium, Sunshine North

Round 7
Sunday April 15th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Bentleigh Greens, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 8
Saturday April 21st, 7:00PM, Hume City vs South Melbourne, John Ilhan Memorial Broadmeadows Valley Insert Sponsor Name Park, Westmeadows

Round 9
Saturday April 28th, 7:00PM, Heidelberg United vs South Melbourne, Olympic Village, Heidelberg West

Round 10
Sunday May 6th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Green Gully, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 11
Monday May 14th, 8:30PM, Kingston City vs South Melbourne, The Grange Reserve, Clayton South

Round 12
Sunday May 20th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Avondale, Lakeside Stadium Albert Park

Round 13
Saturday May 26th, 6:00PM, Port Melbourne vs South Melbourne, SS Anderson Reserve, Port Melbourne

Round 14
Sunday June 3th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Bulleen Lions, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 15
Sunday June 10th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder, Lakeside Stadium Albert Park

Round 16
Saturday June 16th, 5:00PM, South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park - Socceroos vs France World Cup match will be screened in the social club following our game.

Round 17
Sunday June 24th, 7:00PM, South Melbourne vs Pascoe Vale, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.

Round 18
Sunday July 1st, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Northcote City, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 19
Sunday July 8th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Melbourne Knights, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 20
Friday July 13th, 8:30PM, Bentleigh Greens vs South Melbourne, Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Cheltenham

Round 21
Sunday July 22nd, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Hume City, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 22
Sunday July 29th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Heidelberg United, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 23
Friday August 3rd, 8:30PM, Green Gully vs South Melbourne, Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs

Round 24 
Sunday August 12th, 4:00PM, South Melbourne vs Kingston City, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

Round 25
Avondale vs South Melbourne, date, time, location, TBC

Round 26
Sunday September 2nd, 3:00PM, South Melbourne vs Port Melbourne, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park


  1. Round 17 Sunday June 24th

    Socceroos v Denmark is June 21st.

  2. Paul, Melbourne Knights match Round 6. Friday April 6th is what is listed in NPL http://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&c=0-10178-0-478257-0&pool=-1&round=6

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, so YOU were wrong. I really thought they had it wrong! LOL


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