2017 Results and Fixtures

South Melbourne 5 North Geelong 1

South Melbourne 1 Hume City 0

Pascoe Vale 2 South Melbourne 6

Murray United 0 South Melbourne 2

South Melbourne 1 Canberra Olympic 1

South Melbourne 0 Richmond 0

Mornington 1 South Melbourne 6


Charity Shield
Bentleigh Greens 2 South Melbourne 1

Round 1
Bulleen Lions 2 South Melbourne 2

Round 2
Port Melbourne 4 South Melbourne 0

Round 3
Avondale Heights 1 South Melbourne 0

Round 4
Heidelberg United 1 South Melbourne 0

Round 5
St Albans 0 South Melbourne 2

FFA Cup Round 4
South Melbourne 2 Eastern Lions 0

Round 6
Oakleigh Cannons 1 South Melbourne 0

FFA Cup Round 5
Monbulk Rangers 0 South Melbourne 4

Round 7 
Green Gully 4 South Melbourne 4

Round 8
South Melbourne 2 North Geelong 1

Round 9
South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 0

Round 10
South Melbourne 1 Hume City 0

FFA Cup Round 6
South Melbourne 2 Box Hill United 1

Round 11
South Melbourne 3 Pascoe Vale 0

Round 12
Bentleigh Greens 0 South Melbourne 0

Round 13
Kingston City 1 South Melbourne 2

Round 14
South Melbourne 3 Bulleen Lions 0

FFA Cup Round 7
South Melbourne 5 Dandenong City 4

Round 15
Sunday 28th May, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Port Melbourne, Lakeside Stadium

Round 16
Sunday 4th June, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Avondale FC, Lakeside Stadium

Round 17
Sunday 11th June, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Heidelberg United, Lakeside Stadium

Round 18
Sunday 18th June, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs St Albans, Lakeside Stadium

Round 19
Sunday 25th June, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons, Lakeside Stadium

Round 20
Sunday 2nd July, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Green Gully, Lakeside Stadium

Round 21
Saturday 8th July, 3.00PM, North Geelong vs South Melbourne, Elcho Park, Lara

Round 22
Friday 14th July, 8.30PM, Melbourne Knights vs South Melbourne, Knights Stadium, North Sunshine

Round 23
Saturday, 22nd July, 7.00PM, Hume City vs South Melbourne, ABD Stadium, Westmeadows

Round 24
Friday 28th July, 8.15PM, Pascoe Vale vs South Melbourne, CB Smith Reserve, Fawkner

Round 25
Sunday 13th August, 4.00PM, South Melbourne vs Bentleigh Greens, Lakeside Stadium

Round 26
Sunday 20th August, 3.00PM, South Melbourne vs Kingston City, Lakeside Stadium


  1. If I've stuffed something up, let me know

  2. Whats the finals system? Same crappy system as previous 2 years?


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